Monday, June 22, 2009


Working at home was so good. Teething sucks. Birthday = yum.

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Wardio 27 – Adjusting

1 SpartaCut Your Ribbon from Porcelain Scars

2 Fourth Floor CollapsePrimary Schools from Plans For Dream Homes

3 Foo FightersStacked Actors from There Is Nothing Left To Lose

4 Cog1010011010 from Just Visiting (Part 1)

5 GyroscopeDoctor Doctor from Sound Shattering Sound

6 KarnivoolGoliath from Sound Awake

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ava Screeching

Here's my daughter, Ava, talking to her Mum.

_ Failure

Sure, just hold the mp3 player in place by strapping it to your head with the beanie. Sure.

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Wardio 26 – _ Failure

1 The Hanging TreeA Walk In The Mud from The Hanging Tree

2 DeftonesKnife Party from White Pony

3 RegurgitatorBlack Bugs from Unit

4 Primus w/Ozzy OsbourneN.I.B. from Nativity In Black

5 Led ZeppelinHow Many More Times from Led Zeppelin

6 Faith No MoreWar Pigs from The Real Thing

7 LiveLakini’s Juice from Secret Samadhi

8 ThriceOf Dust And Nations from Vheissu

Unintended no-flow on Flow

Sorry! Just listened to the FLOW show and the music track obvisouly got moved forward a smidge so all the transitions into and out of songs was not at all flowing.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Life In Pictures

Waaa – I have to work at work like a normal person again.

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Wardio 25 – Life In Pictures

1 Led ZeppelinCommunication Breakdown from Led Zeppelin

2 Mother MotherGhosting from O My Heart

3 CogBird Of Feather from Sharing Space

4 Fu ManchuRedline from In Search Of…

5 System Of A DownPictures from Steal This Album!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


“Fuck yes, a crap – that’s awesome.”

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Wardio 24 – Flow

1 Queens Of The Stone AgeGo With The Flow from Songs For The Deaf

2 CogThe Movie’s Over from Sharing Space

3 House Of PainPut On Your Shit Kickers from Fine Malt Lyrics

4 Tenacious DTribute from Tenacious D

5 Tumbleweed - Medicine from Galactaphonic