Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Set

I went to a few gigs over the last couple of months so I've compiled a setlist featuring all the bands (except for Tool of course and Quiet Child). Enjoy - and apologies for the randomness, back-tracking, etc... I've been real busy and would record here and there and forget where I was. Get over it.

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Wardio 31 - The Set

1 Tool - The Pot from 10,000 Days
2 Calling All Cars - Not Like Anybody from Calling All Cars
3 Oceansize - Meredith from Everyone Into Position
4 Cog - Bitter Pills from Sharing Space
5 Quiet Child - Flowers In The Middle Of The Road from Evening Bell
6 Sugar Army - Tongues In Cheeks from The Parallels Amongst Ourselves
7 Karnivool - Simple Boy from Sound Awake
8 Dead Letter Circus - Next In Line from Next In Line (EP)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sleepy, So Sleepy

Recording to keep awake - can't promise anything from this short one. Don't be gross.
I also talk about something that I end up talking about in the next show - now that is taking the time.

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Wardio 30 - Sleepy, So Sleepy

1 Karnivool Umbra from Sound Awake

2 Something For KateAsleep At The Wheel from The Official Fiction

Thursday, September 3, 2009

KATGTV: Chemda In Chell

KATGTV - Chemda In Hell

Watch it and laugh your ass off!

Then go download their podcast and see what you've been missing for the past 1030+ shows;

Keith and The Girl - the best comedy podcast, hands down.

U, D, L, R, A, Banned

MJ Dead? Censors going ape-shi.... Fageddaboudid!

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Wardio 29 - U, D, L, R, A, Banned

1 Serj Tankian - Feed Us from Elect The Dead
2 Porcupine Tree - Trains from In Absentia
3 Grinspoon - Better Off Dead from Easy
4 VAST - Pretty When You Cry from Visual Audio Sensory Theatre

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back From The Dead

It's been a while and this show is from a while ago but I only just got around to putting it together.

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Wardio 28 - Back From The Dead

1 Wintersleep - Sore from Wintersleep
2 Radiohead - Punch Up At A Wedding from Hail To The Thief
3 The Smashing Pumpkins - Lucky 13 from Machina II
4 Mother Mother - Try To Change from O My Heart