Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Subliminal Discounts

Ava was sick, Maribel was sick, we went to the Guinness Ball and I took photos n stuff. Interesting!

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Wardio 36 - Subliminal Discounts

1 Fourth Floor CollapseMade Believe from Half Deserted Streets

2 Teenage Fanclub & De La SoulFallin' from Judgement Night soundtrack

3 Smashing PumpkinsInt The Arms Of Sleep from Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness

4 The Siren TowerThe Bridgehouse from The Bridgehouse/Letters From The Edge EP

5 Sleep ParadeEveryday from Things Can Always Change

6 Foo FightersWord Forward from Greatest Hits

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hands, Food and Pure Rock Fury

Just listen. Alright? Pure Rock Fury is in the title, how can you not?

Wardio 35 – Hands, Food and Pure Rock Fury

1 AnthraxRoom For One More from Sound Of White Noise

2 MastodonThe Last Baron from Crack The Skye

3 ClutchAmerican Sleep from Pure Rock Fury

4 Newton FaulknerI Took It Out On You from Rebuilt By Humans

5 ClutchPure Rock Fury from Pure Rock Fury

Wedding Bells

We went to a wedding. Listen to me as I talk about said wedding.

Wardio 34 – Wedding Bells

1 The Siren TowerLetters From The Edge from The Bridgehouse/Letters From The Edge EP

2 ClutchMotherless Child from Strange Cousins From The West

3 RadioheadPunch Up At A Wedding from Hail To The Thief

4 Porcupine TreeWedding Nails from In Absentia

5 OpethThe Grand Conjuration from Ghost Reveries

6 GravediggazDiary Of A Madman from Niggamortis

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just End It RSS fixed

My brother alerted me to an RSS error which was making the latest episode unavailable and would instead download Episode 32.

All fixed - so try again if you had any probs! And cheers to my bro for investimagating.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just End It

I twisted an idea McNally had for his show Ham Radio came up with great songs that end albums (after the first couple songs I play). I also talk about stuff that at the time seemed interesting - will it hold up? Doubt it!

Wardio 33 - Just End It

1 Muse - United States of Eurasia/Collateral Damage from The Resistance
2 Metallica - King Nothing from Load
3 Foo Fighters - New Way Home from The Color And The Shape
4 Thrice - Child Of Dust from The Alchemy Index: Earth
5 Kyuss - Catamaran from ...And The Circus Leaves Town
6 Muse - Knights Of Cydonia from Black Holes And Revelations
7 Rage Against The Machine - Freedom from Rage Against The Machine
8 The Presidents Of The United States Of America - Naked And Famous from Presidents Of The United States Of America
9 Something For Kate - White from Echolalia
10 Birds Of Tokyo - Medicine from Universes
11 A Perfect Circle - Over from Mer De Noms
12 Korn - Daddy from Korn

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mole Hills

A longer show with ups and downs and tunes all around.

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Wardio 32 - Mole Hills

1 Silverchair- Fix Me from Miss You Love (single)
2 Smashing Pumpkins - Cash Car Star from Machina II
3 Rage Against The Machine - How I Could Just Kill A Man from Renegades
4 Soilwork - Sworn To A Great Divide from Sworn To A Great Divide
5 Pacifier - Run from Pacifier
6 The Butterfly Effect - Overwhelmed from Imago
7 Quiet Child - Captain Trips from Evening Bell
8 Foo Fighters - Weenie Beenie from Foo Fighters
9 Muse - Uprising from The Resistance

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Set

I went to a few gigs over the last couple of months so I've compiled a setlist featuring all the bands (except for Tool of course and Quiet Child). Enjoy - and apologies for the randomness, back-tracking, etc... I've been real busy and would record here and there and forget where I was. Get over it.

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Wardio 31 - The Set

1 Tool - The Pot from 10,000 Days
2 Calling All Cars - Not Like Anybody from Calling All Cars
3 Oceansize - Meredith from Everyone Into Position
4 Cog - Bitter Pills from Sharing Space
5 Quiet Child - Flowers In The Middle Of The Road from Evening Bell
6 Sugar Army - Tongues In Cheeks from The Parallels Amongst Ourselves
7 Karnivool - Simple Boy from Sound Awake
8 Dead Letter Circus - Next In Line from Next In Line (EP)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sleepy, So Sleepy

Recording to keep awake - can't promise anything from this short one. Don't be gross.
I also talk about something that I end up talking about in the next show - now that is taking the time.

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Wardio 30 - Sleepy, So Sleepy

1 Karnivool Umbra from Sound Awake

2 Something For KateAsleep At The Wheel from The Official Fiction

Thursday, September 3, 2009

KATGTV: Chemda In Chell

KATGTV - Chemda In Hell

Watch it and laugh your ass off!

Then go download their podcast and see what you've been missing for the past 1030+ shows;

Keith and The Girl - the best comedy podcast, hands down.

U, D, L, R, A, Banned

MJ Dead? Censors going ape-shi.... Fageddaboudid!

Let me know you enjoy this - I constantly need to be told at

Wardio 29 - U, D, L, R, A, Banned

1 Serj Tankian - Feed Us from Elect The Dead
2 Porcupine Tree - Trains from In Absentia
3 Grinspoon - Better Off Dead from Easy
4 VAST - Pretty When You Cry from Visual Audio Sensory Theatre

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back From The Dead

It's been a while and this show is from a while ago but I only just got around to putting it together.

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Wardio 28 - Back From The Dead

1 Wintersleep - Sore from Wintersleep
2 Radiohead - Punch Up At A Wedding from Hail To The Thief
3 The Smashing Pumpkins - Lucky 13 from Machina II
4 Mother Mother - Try To Change from O My Heart

Monday, June 22, 2009


Working at home was so good. Teething sucks. Birthday = yum.

Won’t you contact me at

Wardio 27 – Adjusting

1 SpartaCut Your Ribbon from Porcelain Scars

2 Fourth Floor CollapsePrimary Schools from Plans For Dream Homes

3 Foo FightersStacked Actors from There Is Nothing Left To Lose

4 Cog1010011010 from Just Visiting (Part 1)

5 GyroscopeDoctor Doctor from Sound Shattering Sound

6 KarnivoolGoliath from Sound Awake

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ava Screeching

Here's my daughter, Ava, talking to her Mum.

_ Failure

Sure, just hold the mp3 player in place by strapping it to your head with the beanie. Sure.

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Wardio 26 – _ Failure

1 The Hanging TreeA Walk In The Mud from The Hanging Tree

2 DeftonesKnife Party from White Pony

3 RegurgitatorBlack Bugs from Unit

4 Primus w/Ozzy OsbourneN.I.B. from Nativity In Black

5 Led ZeppelinHow Many More Times from Led Zeppelin

6 Faith No MoreWar Pigs from The Real Thing

7 LiveLakini’s Juice from Secret Samadhi

8 ThriceOf Dust And Nations from Vheissu

Unintended no-flow on Flow

Sorry! Just listened to the FLOW show and the music track obvisouly got moved forward a smidge so all the transitions into and out of songs was not at all flowing.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Life In Pictures

Waaa – I have to work at work like a normal person again.

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Wardio 25 – Life In Pictures

1 Led ZeppelinCommunication Breakdown from Led Zeppelin

2 Mother MotherGhosting from O My Heart

3 CogBird Of Feather from Sharing Space

4 Fu ManchuRedline from In Search Of…

5 System Of A DownPictures from Steal This Album!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


“Fuck yes, a crap – that’s awesome.”

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Wardio 24 – Flow

1 Queens Of The Stone AgeGo With The Flow from Songs For The Deaf

2 CogThe Movie’s Over from Sharing Space

3 House Of PainPut On Your Shit Kickers from Fine Malt Lyrics

4 Tenacious DTribute from Tenacious D

5 Tumbleweed - Medicine from Galactaphonic

Monday, May 18, 2009

Shotguns and Feelings

“Don’t make me choose!”

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Wardio 23 – Shotguns and Feelings

1 The ProtectorsI’m A Sister from Tarantula
2 KarnivoolSet Fire To The Hive from Sound Awake

3 Queens Of The Stone AgeHow To Handle A Rope from Queens Of The Stone Age

4 Paul DempseyOut The Airlock from new album
5 The Smashing PumpkinsGeek U.S.A from Earphoria
6 The Smashing PumpkinsUgly from 1979 (single)

7 Rival SchoolsUsed For Glue from United By Fate
8 Ojos De BrujoTodo Tiende from Techari

9 The EditorsSmokers Outside The Hospital Doors from An End Has A Start
10 Ben Harper & Relentless 7Number With No Name from White Lies For Dark Times

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Phantom Music

This episode has it all – music and talking. COMPLETELY different from the last 21 shows – I still can’t get over how different it is. Jeebus.

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Wardio 22 – Phantom Music


1 MastodonOblivion from Crack The Skye
2 Sugar ArmyAnd Now You’re Old Enough, I Think That You Should Know from Where Do You Hide Your Toys [EP]
3 Lamb Of GodIn Your Words from Wrath
4 You Am IBerlin Chair from Sound As Ever
5 Holly ThrosbyBerlin Chair from Like A Version (Triple J)
6 NirvanaSliver from Incesticide
7 SilverchairIsrael’s Son from Frogstomp
8 VdelliCould Be Good from Vdelli
9 Unwritten LawLonesome from Unwritten Law
10 ThriceThe Earth Will Shake from Vheissu
11 CustardPiece Of Shit from We Have The Technology
12 MuseYes Please from Hullabaloo
13 Eagles Of Death MetalSolid Gold from Death By Sexy
14 WintersleepNerves Normal, Breath Normal from untitled

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Planning Is For Chumps

I started recording in my 'office' but things came up and recording was spread over a couple of days. Could have split this show up but I couldn't be bothered.

Enjoy and mail me at

Wardio 21 - Planning Is For Chumps


1 The SuperjesusSandfly (live) from Rock Music (bonus disc)

2 The ProdigyOut Of Space from Experience
3 Guns'N'RosesYou Could Be Mine from Use Your Illusion II
4 Ben Harper & Relentless 7Shimmer & Shine from White Lies For Dark Times
5 PrimusTommy The Cat from Sailing The Seas Of Cheese
6 GarbageThe Trick Is To Keep Breathing from Version 2.0
7 DisillusionAlone I Stand In Fires from Back To Times Of Splendor
8 The Butterfly EffectThe Cell from The Butterfly Effect (EP)
9 The Living EndRaise The Alarm from White Noise
10 NOFXUSA-Holes from Wolves In Wolves Clothing
11 ToolThe Grudge from Lateralus

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cover Me

Come on an adventure as Brian ventures to Toys’R’Us and back to find the magical mystery mirror while listening to some of his favourite cover songs.

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Wardio 20 – Cover Me


1 CogOpen Up from Open Up (EP)
2 DeftonesNo Ordinary Love from B-Sides and Rarities
3 John MayerMessage In A Bottle from live and acoustic
4 Foo FightersDarling Nikki from Times Like These (single)
5 Limp BizkitFaith from Three Dollar Bill, Yall$
6 MuseCan’t Take My Eyes Off You from Dead Star - In Your World

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Letter B

Finally was able to get a list together and have something to say about each song again. Instead of throwing songs in willy nilly. Going to try to have more to talk about rather than just the usual ramblings from now on. But I have been known to not follow through on things I set for myself. Here’s to a somewhat coherent flowing show... at least per song.

Please drop me a Heyhowareya at

Wardio 19 – The Letter B


1 The BeatlesHere Comes The Sun from Abbey Road
2 Big Heavy StuffHibernate from Size Of The Ocean
3 Billy CorganDaphne Descends from some acoustic show
4 Blind MelonDear Ol’ Dad from Blind Melon
5 BeckWhere It’s At from Odelay!
6 Ben Folds 5One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces from Whatever And Ever Amen
7 Birds Of TokyoHeard It Through The Grapevine from Like A Version (Triple J)
8 Blink 182Dumpweed from Enema Of The State

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please Turn Over To Side B

Maribel and myself talking tings. The audio quality is up and down because of the location of the mic when Maribel and I are recording at the same time – sorry. Will endeavour to fix this up in future recordings.

Let me know your thoughts at

Wardio 18 – Please Turn Over To Side B


1 ParamoreMisery Business from Riot
2 Sufjan StevensJohn Wayne Gacy, Jr from Come On Feel The Illinoise!
3 The WrightsEvie (part 1) from Evie
4 Ben FoldsRockin’ The Suburbs from Rockin’ The Suburbs
5 Midnight OilWhite Skin Black Heart from Redneck Wonderland
6 A Perfect CircleBlue from Thirteenth Step
7 ThriceAll That’s Left from The Artist In The Ambulance
8 MeshuggahBleed from Obzen
9 Fun Lovin CriminalsScooby Snacks from Come Find Yourself

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Coping Mechanism

Me? A massage? Get outta town. More ramblings and more music. Enjoy!

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Wardio 17 – The Coping Mechanism

1 Foo FightersAurora from There Is Nothing Left To Lose
2 MetallicaThat Was Just Your Life from Death Magnetic
3 Neil FinnKing Tide from Try Whistling This
4 Public EnemyShe Watches Channel Zero from It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
5 Russian CirclesCarpe from Russian Circles
6 Daniel Johns & Paul MacRain from I Can’t Believe It’s Not Rock
7 ObliviaMy Friend from My Friend (single)
8 Rollins BandIllumination from Get Some Go Again

Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby Time

Here's some recordings my wife Maribel and I did on the way to the hospital, a week of being home and a few days more since our baby girl was born. More shows to come but maybe a little slower. Let me know if you have any problems getting the shows as I will be slowly moving them to a new server. Enjoy!

Let me know your thoughts at

Wardio 16 - Baby Time


1 Ben HarperNot Fire, Not Ice from Live From Mars
2 Foo FightersEverlong from The Color And The Shape
3 Muse - Plug In Baby from Origin Of Symmetry
4 Veruca SaltSeether from American Thighs
5 Ben HarperMorning Yearning from Both Sides Of The Gun
6 Stealers WheelStuck In The Middle With You from Late Again
7 Loudon Wainwright IIIDaughters from Knocked Up soundtrack
8 Weird Al YankovickPolka Your Eyes Out from Off The Deep End
9 Sigur RósSaeglopur from Takk
10 The Smashing PumpkinsFOL from Hyundai Ad
11 ThriceThe Whaler from The Alchemy Index, Volume 2 - Water

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ava Cruz Ward

Our little girl, Ava Cruz Ward, was born Wednesday Jan 28th at 9.49am weighing in at 8 pounds 6 ounces (3.795kg). Mum and Ava are doing fantastic. We're home now and getting settled into our new life as a family.

Maribel and I recorded a bit together which I might post up soon if you can hear us both ok (she was sitting in the back seat watching Ava on the last recording so we'll see). Thanks for the congrats - and I'll be back with more shows, just might take a week or so.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The End Is The Beginning Is The End

Think I may have missed a song or two in here but deal with it! Haven’t done the links – don’t have time! Will do it later, gotta go to the hospital NOW. Wish me luck!

UPDATED: Links are in now - support them people!

Email me at

Wardio 15 – The End Is The Beginning Is The End

1 Ben HarperFaded from The Will To Live

2 Electric SixGay Bar from Fire

3 Beastie BoysSure Shot from Ill Communication

4 GeorgeBastard Son from Polyserena

5 Jedi Mind TricksRise Of The Machines from Visions Of Ghandi

6 Limp BizkitThe Channel from The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1)

7 RancidRuby Soho from And Out Come The Wolves

8 The DatsunsMF From Hell from The Datsuns

9 A Perfect CircleThe Hollow from Mer De Noms

10 CakeShort Skirt/Long Jacket from Comfort Eagle

12 The Smashing PumpkinsToday from Siamese Dream

13 Damien RiceCannonball from O

14 Jeff BuckleyThe Way Young Lovers Do from Live at The Sin

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tell Me Who’s The Man

Hear a white-boy talk about his teenage love of hip-hop. Thanks to my n-word, Andrew, for pointing me in the direction of a free web-hosting option. And big ups to Gabe from Fam Radio for the other suggestion too. I'm still working out the kinks so I'm hoping I'll get it all sorted very soon.

Enjoy and drop a mo-fo a line at

Wardio 14 – Tell Me Who’s The Man

1 House Of PainWho’s The Man from Same As It Ever Was

2 Wu-Tang ClanMethod Man from Enter The 36 Chambers

3 GravediggazNowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide from Niggamortis

4 FlatlinerzLive Evil from U.S.A.

5 Naughty By NatureIt’s On from 19 Naughty III

6 Helmet & House Of PainJust Another Victim from Judgement Night

7 OnyxRob & Vic from Shut ‘Em Down

8 Tag TeamWhoomp! There It Is from Whoomp! There It Is

9 XzibitPaparazzi from At The Speed Of Life

10 The PharcydeDrop from Labcabincalifornia

11 Souls Of Mischief93 Til Infinity from 93 Til Infinity

12 Ice CubeWicked from The Predator

13 A Tribe Called QuestSucka Nigga from Midnight Marauders

14 Tha AlkaholiksOnly When I’m Drunk from 21 & Over

15 Cypress HillIllusions from III – Temples Of Boom

16 GeniusLiquid Swords from Liquid Swords

17 1200 TechniquesHard As Hell from Choose One

18 OnyxLife Or Death (skit)/Last Dayz from All We Got Iz Us