Monday, December 29, 2008

The Aftermath

A few days before Christmas I recorded a few shows so they’ll slowly get posted when I get time. This episode I play a few songs that my old bands’ covered and a couple old favourites. Hope you all had a good Christmas/Hanukah/ and have a kick ass New Years party.

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Wardio 09 – The Aftermath

1 Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaKick Out The Jams from Presidents Of The United States Of America

2 MammalClear Enough? from The Majority

3 Deb Ludlam Awkward Child from More Gravy

4 Mother MotherHayloft from O My Heart

5 Pearl JamRearviewmirror from Vs.

6 TumbleweedLava Bread from Return To Earth

7 Hoodoo GurusWhat’s My Scene from Blow Your Cool!

8 Red Hot Chili PeppersSikamikanico from Wayne’s World soundtrack

9 Spiderbait5th Set from Tonight Alright

10 CustardApartment from Wisenheimer

11 The John Butler TrioPickapart from The John Butler Trio

12 The Butterfly EffectWorlds On Fire from The Final Conversation Of Kings

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby Showers, Cakes and Death Metal

What a day. This was supposed to be a relatively quick show but tings happened which extended it to about 2.5 hours. Because this is the metal show I’m going to leave it as the one show in case there are some of you who want to skip it. But why not give it a go? You might hear a new band that you get into so much that you buy some skin tight black jeans, grow a mullet and hang outside the local McDonalds looking hardcore.

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Wardio 08 – Baby Showers, Cakes and Death Metal

1 DeftonesElite from White Pony

2 KornGood God from Life Is Peachy

3 Lamb Of GodLaid To Rest from Ashes Of The Wake

4 MeshuggahCombustion from Obzen

5 OpethDemon Of The Fall from My Arms, Your Hearse

6 SoilworkStabbing The Drama from Stabbing The Drama

7 ToolCold And Ugly (live) from Opiate

8 NovembreComedia from Materia

9 Dream TheatreAs I Am from Train Of Thought

10 SepulturaRefuse Resist from Chaos AD

11 Drowning PoolBodies from Sinner

12 ThriceFirebreather from The Alchemy Index, Volume 1 – Fire

13 DisturbedCriminal from Indestructable

14 IsisWrists Of Kings from In The Absence Of Truth

15 MastodonMarch Of The Fire Ants from Remission

16 MercenaryRedefine Me from The Hours That Remain

17 Coal ChamberLoco from Coal Chamber

18 OpethGhost Of Perdition from Ghost Reveries

19 Porcupine TreeBlackest Eyes from In Absentia

20 Anthrax & Public EnemyBring The Noise from Attack Of The Killer B’s

21 Foo FightersFFL from Best Of You (single)

22 System Of A DownSoil from System Of A Down

23 Killswitch EngageMy Curse from As Daylight Dies

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Truckin - Part 2

Here’s part two with more Kalgoorlie stories, chilled tunes and my ramblings.

A big thanks to Chris, Nik and Robyn for taking the time to email me and let me know that they’re enjoying the shows.

Wardio 07 – Truckin Part 2

9 Heavy Weight ChampA Darker Shade Of Grey from Lo-Fi Funeral

10 Jose GonzalezCrosses from Veneer

11 GyroscopeSexxxy from Are You Involved

12 Nathan GauntRise from Circledreams

13 GotyeHearts A Mess from Like Drawing Blood

14 Chris CornellSeasons from Singles soundtrack

15 RadioheadLet Down from OK Computer

Truckin - Part 1

Another two part show that has soothing tunes complimented with stories about truck driving in Kalgoorlie.

Here's part one and remember to click on their pages to support these artists!

Wardio 06 – Truckin Part 1

1 Billy CorganThe Cameraeye from The Future Embrace

2 Damien RiceRootless Tree from 9 Crimes

3 Jeff BuckleyDream Brother from Grace

4 Itch-E and Scratch-ESweetness & Light from Itch-E Kitch-E Koo

5 Birds Of TokyoRose (acoustic) from One Way/Stay EP

6 WheatDon’t I Hold You from Hope And Adams

7 Stephen St PierreHoldstead from Play Again

8 John Butler TrioWhat You Want from Sunrise Over Sea

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rock 101b

Here is part two of Rock 101. Thanks to my bro Jas who sent me an mp3 I couldn’t find – he’s good people.

Enjoy part two and please send me an email at to let me know what you think.

Wardio 05 - Rock101b


8 My VitriolLosing Touch from Finelines

9 IncubusA Certain Shade Of Green from S.C.I.E.N.C.E

10 EarshotWait from Two

11 KarnivoolThe Only Way from Mixed Blood

12 MuseHysteria from Absolution

13 PusciferMomma Sed from V Is For Vagina

14 VdelliVoodoo Chile from Out Of The Blues

Rock 101a

This show is split in two because I think it's better to keep the episodes around an hour. Plus it makes it look like I've done more shows!

Here's part one and remember to click on their pages to support these artists!

Wardio 04 - Rock101a

1 WintersleepJaws Of Life from The Wintersleep

2 Foo FightersWalking A Line from One By One (Special Edition)

3 Queens Of The Stone AgeSick, Sick, Sick from Era Vulgaris

4 CogNo Other Way from Sharing Space

5 AudioslaveShow Me How To Live from Audioslave

6 System Of A Down – Vicinity Of Obscenity from Hypnotize

7 A Perfect CirclePassive from eMotive

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Calm Before The Storm

I've tried to keep the music in this episode a bit more low key and also used a couple things people have suggested to get the overall sound better (thanks DaHonay for the Levellator idea). I compressed the whole show once I'd pieced it together too to try and get things at a constant level. One segment that I recorded didn't save on my iRiver for some reason (the drive home from the gym) so if you're confused at some point that will be one reason why. Big thanks to everyone who's taken the time to let me know that they're enjoying these - it's good to know that I'm not the only one getting a kick out of it.

Comments/Criticism -

Wardio 03 - The Calm Before The Storm

1 Thrice - Digital Sea from The Alchemy Index, Volume 2 - Water
2 John Mayer - Kid A from (b-side)
3 Opeth - Benighted from Still Life
4 Smashing Pumpkins - Set The Ray To Jerry from 1979 (single)
5 Beck - Jackass from Odelay
6 Paul Dempsey - All The Things That Aren't Good About Scientology (acoustic) from Live at The Corner Hotel (unofficial recording)
7 Ben Harper - Morning Yearning from Both Sides Of The Gun
8 Kings Of Leon - Closer from Only By The Night
9 Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere But Not Here from Deadwing

Monday, December 1, 2008

RSS Feed added

Ok, I might not have done it the way you're supposed to but it seems to be working. There's a link on the right of the page that will let you subscribe to this blog/podcast with iTunes or whatever software you normally use to download things.

If you have any problems getting it working let me know at

Sunday, November 30, 2008


This show is composed of artists from Australia and our next door neighbours, New Zealand. I also ramble on about driving dump trucks in Kalgoorlie, impending fatherhood and other tings while driving around dodging jerks on the road.


Wardio 02 - Australia

I should have the RSS/XML thing sorted out soon, fingers crossed.


1 CogThe Spine from The New Normal

2 Angus & Julia StoneSilver Coin from A Book Like This

3 Flight Of The ConchordsBusiness Time from Flight Of The Conchords

4 The PresetsMy People from Apocalypso

5 The Living EndHow Do We Know from White Noise

6 GotyeLearnalilgivinanlovin from Like Drawing Blood

7 GrinspoonBleed You Dry from Thrills, Kills and Sunday Pills

8 MammalThe Majority from The Majority

9 Motor AceSiamese from Five Star Laundry

10 PowderfingerRockin’ Rocks from Vulture Street

11 Sarah BlaskoDon’t U Eva from The Overture And The Underscore

12 SilverchairTuna In The Brine from Diorama

13 Something For KateTwenty Years from Echolalia

14 The Butterfly EffectSweet & Low from The Butterfly Effect

15 Bernard FanningWish You Well from Tea & Sympathy

16 The Mess HallDisco 1 from Notes From The Ceiling

17 RegurgitatorI Sucked A Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am from Tu Plang

18 ShihadDay Will Come from Love Is The New Hate

Thursday, November 27, 2008


McNally from Ham Radio fame encouraged me to make a show so I did. This show I've made follows the same sorta format as McNally's show so I take no credit for any originality. Being from Perth, Western Australia I thought it would be a good start to do a show with only music from my town. I implore you to hit the website for these bands and support them like I have; buy a CD, see a show and spread the word (click artist name for a link to their page).

Wardio 01 - Perth

Enjoy and let me know what you think


1 Karnivool - Cote from Themata

2 Nathan Gaunt - Burning from Headlights On The Hill

3 Heavy Weight Champ - This Revolution from Lo-Fi Funeral

4 Cinema Prague - Lego Man from Zasph

5 Gyroscope - Snakeskin from Breed Obsession

6 John Butler Trio - Funky Tonight from Grand National

7 Antistatic - Collapsia from Stand Up In Disguise

8 Storytime - Sun Song from The Sonic Adventures of Mr Sumo

9 The Meaning Of - Bay Of Martyrs from What Is Your Excuse?

10 Birds Of Tokyo - Violet from Day One

11 Sugar Army - I Got Your Soul from Where Do You Hide Your Toys?