Thursday, November 27, 2008


McNally from Ham Radio fame encouraged me to make a show so I did. This show I've made follows the same sorta format as McNally's show so I take no credit for any originality. Being from Perth, Western Australia I thought it would be a good start to do a show with only music from my town. I implore you to hit the website for these bands and support them like I have; buy a CD, see a show and spread the word (click artist name for a link to their page).

Wardio 01 - Perth

Enjoy and let me know what you think


1 Karnivool - Cote from Themata

2 Nathan Gaunt - Burning from Headlights On The Hill

3 Heavy Weight Champ - This Revolution from Lo-Fi Funeral

4 Cinema Prague - Lego Man from Zasph

5 Gyroscope - Snakeskin from Breed Obsession

6 John Butler Trio - Funky Tonight from Grand National

7 Antistatic - Collapsia from Stand Up In Disguise

8 Storytime - Sun Song from The Sonic Adventures of Mr Sumo

9 The Meaning Of - Bay Of Martyrs from What Is Your Excuse?

10 Birds Of Tokyo - Violet from Day One

11 Sugar Army - I Got Your Soul from Where Do You Hide Your Toys?


Knife in the Toaster said...


Do you have an RSS feed set up so people can get the shows automatically via iTunes?

brianward81 said...

Not as yet - I've just about finished putting the second show together so once that's done I'll try to work out how to do all that mumbo jumbo. I used to be technilogically up to speed but aggregators just make the net seem angry these days.