Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The End Is The Beginning Is The End

Think I may have missed a song or two in here but deal with it! Haven’t done the links – don’t have time! Will do it later, gotta go to the hospital NOW. Wish me luck!

UPDATED: Links are in now - support them people!

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Wardio 15 – The End Is The Beginning Is The End

1 Ben HarperFaded from The Will To Live

2 Electric SixGay Bar from Fire

3 Beastie BoysSure Shot from Ill Communication

4 GeorgeBastard Son from Polyserena

5 Jedi Mind TricksRise Of The Machines from Visions Of Ghandi

6 Limp BizkitThe Channel from The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1)

7 RancidRuby Soho from And Out Come The Wolves

8 The DatsunsMF From Hell from The Datsuns

9 A Perfect CircleThe Hollow from Mer De Noms

10 CakeShort Skirt/Long Jacket from Comfort Eagle

12 The Smashing PumpkinsToday from Siamese Dream

13 Damien RiceCannonball from O

14 Jeff BuckleyThe Way Young Lovers Do from Live at The Sin

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tell Me Who’s The Man

Hear a white-boy talk about his teenage love of hip-hop. Thanks to my n-word, Andrew, for pointing me in the direction of a free web-hosting option. And big ups to Gabe from Fam Radio for the other suggestion too. I'm still working out the kinks so I'm hoping I'll get it all sorted very soon.

Enjoy and drop a mo-fo a line at bward81@gmail.com

Wardio 14 – Tell Me Who’s The Man

1 House Of PainWho’s The Man from Same As It Ever Was

2 Wu-Tang ClanMethod Man from Enter The 36 Chambers

3 GravediggazNowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide from Niggamortis

4 FlatlinerzLive Evil from U.S.A.

5 Naughty By NatureIt’s On from 19 Naughty III

6 Helmet & House Of PainJust Another Victim from Judgement Night

7 OnyxRob & Vic from Shut ‘Em Down

8 Tag TeamWhoomp! There It Is from Whoomp! There It Is

9 XzibitPaparazzi from At The Speed Of Life

10 The PharcydeDrop from Labcabincalifornia

11 Souls Of Mischief93 Til Infinity from 93 Til Infinity

12 Ice CubeWicked from The Predator

13 A Tribe Called QuestSucka Nigga from Midnight Marauders

14 Tha AlkaholiksOnly When I’m Drunk from 21 & Over

15 Cypress HillIllusions from III – Temples Of Boom

16 GeniusLiquid Swords from Liquid Swords

17 1200 TechniquesHard As Hell from Choose One

18 OnyxLife Or Death (skit)/Last Dayz from All We Got Iz Us

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can You Send Me A Jar Of Love?

And this is another lyric from the song by Milhouses’ Dad.

As of this show going up I have pretty much no space left so I may take a bit to get the next show up so bare with me. If anyone knows of really cheap or free web space options let me know at bward81@gmail.com

Wardio 13 – Can You Send Me A Jar Of Love?

1 Porcupine TreeThe Sound Of Muzak from In Absentia

2 Fourth Floor CollapseInclined from Plans For Dream Homes

3 PrimusSgt Baker from Sailing The Seas Of Cheese

4 The Tea PartyWritings On The Wall from Seven Circles

5 KornYa’ll Want A Single from Take A Look In The Mirror

6 Silversun PickupsWell Thought Out Twinkles from Carnavas

Can I Borrow A Feeling?

No, I haven’t had an injection of hormones – the title popped in my head from The Simpsons and I stuck with it.

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Wardio 12 – Can I Borrow A Feeling?

1 MuseNewborn from Origin Of Symmetry

2 ZwanRide A Black Swan from Mary Star Of The Sea

3 Serj TankianLie, Lie, Lie from Elect The Dead

4 ToolParabola from Lateralus

5 RadioheadSit Down, Stand Up from Hail To The Thief

6 Casual ProjectsTime from No Rest

7 Black SabbathThe Wizard from Black Sabbath

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Surprise

Twas a balmy Christmas Day and there was a special present under the tree for my family this year…

My web provider only gives me 1GB of space with the plan I’m on and I don’t really want to spend extra at the moment so for the time being I’m re-uploading all the old shows at 128kbps instead of 160kbps. Before I uploaded this show I only had 25 megs left so hopefully this will keep me going a bit longer before I need to find alternate hosting possibilities.

Drop me an email b-bombshell at bward81@gmail.com

Wardio 11 – Christmas Surprise

1 Smashing PumpkinsI Am One from Gish

2 NirvanaIn Bloom from Nevermind

3 SoundgardenJesus Christ Pose from Badmoterfinger

4 Foo FightersA320 from Godzilla soundtrack

5 Mother MotherO My Heart from O My Heart

6 BeckLoser from Mellow Gold

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big Baby Day Out

Last day of work before Xmas break and my wife and I have been to the obstetrician, I reluctantly eat KFC and talk more about the Big Day Out and other tings.

Let me know your thoughts at bward81@gmail.com

Wardio 10 – Big Baby Day Out

1 Ashes DivideThe Stone from Keep Telling Myself It’s Alright

2 KyussOne Inch Man from …And The Circus Leaves Town

3 Eagles Of Death MetalI Want You So Hard from Death By Sexy

4 Rage Against The MachineMicrophone Fiend from Renegades

5 AmmoniaWishing Chair from Eleventh Avenue

6 Birds Of TokyoHead In My Hands from Universes

7 Cog - Resonate from The New Normal

8 Coheed And CambriaWelcome Home from Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV

9 Crowded HouseFour Seasons In One Day from Woodface

10 Days Of The NewWhimsical from Days Of The New

11 HelmetMilquetoast from Betty

12 Jimmy Eat WorldSweetness from Bleed American

13 KarnivoolSewn And Silent from Themata

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Jason

Today is my brothers’ 30th birthday so this is a mix-tape to Party, Supa Party for him. No talking on this one so sorry – or you’re welcome, whichever works!

Happy 30th Birthday Jason

1 Cinema PragueSay It’s The Day from Meldatype

2 Foo FightersWattershed from Foo Fighters

3 SoundgardenRusty Cage from Badmoterfinger

4 Birds Of TokyoStay from One Way/Stay

5 Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaKitty from Presidents Of The United States Of America

6 CustardAlone from Wahooti Fandango

7 The Meaning OfWhoever Said We Were Leaving from What’s Your Excuse

8 Flight Of The ConchordsHiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros from Flight Of The Conchords

9 ShihadThe General Electric from The General Electric

10 RegurgitatorBlubber Boy (Riding The Wave Of Fashion Mix) from Tu Plang

11 IncubusRedefine from S.C.I.E.N.C.E

12 NirvanaSchool from The Muddy Banks Of Whiskah Electric

13 KarnivoolFade from Persona (EP)

14 Rage Against The MachineSleep Now In The Fire from The Battle Of Los Angeles