Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Surprise

Twas a balmy Christmas Day and there was a special present under the tree for my family this year…

My web provider only gives me 1GB of space with the plan I’m on and I don’t really want to spend extra at the moment so for the time being I’m re-uploading all the old shows at 128kbps instead of 160kbps. Before I uploaded this show I only had 25 megs left so hopefully this will keep me going a bit longer before I need to find alternate hosting possibilities.

Drop me an email b-bombshell at

Wardio 11 – Christmas Surprise

1 Smashing PumpkinsI Am One from Gish

2 NirvanaIn Bloom from Nevermind

3 SoundgardenJesus Christ Pose from Badmoterfinger

4 Foo FightersA320 from Godzilla soundtrack

5 Mother MotherO My Heart from O My Heart

6 BeckLoser from Mellow Gold

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