Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rock 101a

This show is split in two because I think it's better to keep the episodes around an hour. Plus it makes it look like I've done more shows!

Here's part one and remember to click on their pages to support these artists!

Wardio 04 - Rock101a

1 WintersleepJaws Of Life from The Wintersleep

2 Foo FightersWalking A Line from One By One (Special Edition)

3 Queens Of The Stone AgeSick, Sick, Sick from Era Vulgaris

4 CogNo Other Way from Sharing Space

5 AudioslaveShow Me How To Live from Audioslave

6 System Of A Down – Vicinity Of Obscenity from Hypnotize

7 A Perfect CirclePassive from eMotive

1 comment:

Knife in the Toaster said...

The bass player for Wintersleep is from my home town and I see him often enough. Which is weird, b/c the band is based in Halifax.

I'd always been a bit prejudiced against them b/c of the past history (other members being in shitty bands) but "Jaws of Life" is a killer song.