Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby Showers, Cakes and Death Metal

What a day. This was supposed to be a relatively quick show but tings happened which extended it to about 2.5 hours. Because this is the metal show I’m going to leave it as the one show in case there are some of you who want to skip it. But why not give it a go? You might hear a new band that you get into so much that you buy some skin tight black jeans, grow a mullet and hang outside the local McDonalds looking hardcore.

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Wardio 08 – Baby Showers, Cakes and Death Metal

1 DeftonesElite from White Pony

2 KornGood God from Life Is Peachy

3 Lamb Of GodLaid To Rest from Ashes Of The Wake

4 MeshuggahCombustion from Obzen

5 OpethDemon Of The Fall from My Arms, Your Hearse

6 SoilworkStabbing The Drama from Stabbing The Drama

7 ToolCold And Ugly (live) from Opiate

8 NovembreComedia from Materia

9 Dream TheatreAs I Am from Train Of Thought

10 SepulturaRefuse Resist from Chaos AD

11 Drowning PoolBodies from Sinner

12 ThriceFirebreather from The Alchemy Index, Volume 1 – Fire

13 DisturbedCriminal from Indestructable

14 IsisWrists Of Kings from In The Absence Of Truth

15 MastodonMarch Of The Fire Ants from Remission

16 MercenaryRedefine Me from The Hours That Remain

17 Coal ChamberLoco from Coal Chamber

18 OpethGhost Of Perdition from Ghost Reveries

19 Porcupine TreeBlackest Eyes from In Absentia

20 Anthrax & Public EnemyBring The Noise from Attack Of The Killer B’s

21 Foo FightersFFL from Best Of You (single)

22 System Of A DownSoil from System Of A Down

23 Killswitch EngageMy Curse from As Daylight Dies

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iAdam said...

That was brutal, great show, I've always wanted to get into metal in some form or another (more to fit in than anything else I think), and this showed me some good bands to start off with.

I hope everything went fine at the baby shower :)

m0o0op on the forums,